Sourdough Sandwich Loaf

The best simple white sourdough sandwich bread.

Potato Garlic

This light and flavourful bread is made using a poolish instead of a traditional sour starter. It incorporates roasted garlic and localy grown purple potatoes to create a unique bread full of beautiful flavour and amazing texture!

Multigrain Sourdough

One of the best sellers. With it’s subtle sour flavour and soft interior, imbedded with flax, oats, and sunflower seeds it makes for a killer sandwich bread.

Whole Wheat Sourdough

A clean and simple bread that is amazing for toast or any dipping needs.

Bordelaise Sourdough

Wine, cheese, friends? This is the bread. A classic white French style sourdough.

Pecan Raisin

Not a traditional sourdough but one still using similar fermentation techniques using a biga (meaning old dough) Finished off with raisins and toasted pecans- great brunch bread!

Prairie Seed

This bread is fermented using a biga (meaning old dough) so still carries a lot of the nutritional value and benefits of sourdough. Sunflower and sesame seeds along with a mixture of flours run through this bread.

Onion Cheese Sourdough

Bothwell Cheese and caramelized onions folded into a soft fluffy sourdough with a crisp crust. What could be better!

Miche Sourdough

This is such a special loaf! With 60 hours of fermentation, complex flours like buckwheat and rye and the addition of Normandy grey sea salt it’s no wonder that this bread was huge in the artisan bread movement.

Rye Spelt

A heavy traditional German style sourdough that is best sliced thin. It is a wheat free bread that has only rye and spelt flours and flax seeds.