Old Church bakery is not just a name, it is the origin story of our bakery.  


Larry Peters had a dream. He had studied sourdough in San Francisco, the holy land of sourdough culture, and had become immensely passionate about educating people to slow their food down — to enjoy the simplicity of the small things. Through long nights and hard work, Larry started selling his bread out of a little church nestled in the prairies. Word started spreading about his micro bakery and Larry’s dream turned into a full time job.


Meanwhile Holly Derksen-Sobering was raising her family and taking classes to complete her education degree. She was a loyal customer to the little bakery and one day, when they needed a bit of extra help, Holly was ready to lend a hand. Gradually, Holly found herself at the bakery more and more, falling in love with the ancient practice of sourdough, and all the lovely people she met as they came into their little old church bakery.


Holly was planning on becoming a teacher, but her heart led her to buy the bakery from Larry in 2015.  Shortly after, in the fall of 2016, she moved the bakery from the old church into Steinbach. Once the bakery was more accessible for the people of Steinbach, it instantly started rapidly growing in popularity. We are forever grateful for the amazing community around us; their support through the years has overwhelmed us, and kept us doing what we love to do: slow down, take a deep breath, and bake.