It’s been quite awhile since the last post, sorry for this, the bakery life is quite a busy one that ranges through all hours of the day. Now with Christmas and NewYears done and lets not forget about busy busy Valentines day we have finally come to a brief cool down rest. It’s a short one before the busyness of spring and markets are to come so it’s important to really try to rest up and restore so we can really bring our best baking selves to you. You might ask: how do we rest up for the next race? Going to the beach? Relaxing by the fireside? Sleeping? Oh how I wish it were all of those, especially the sleeping but no, it is not. Instead we rest by getting inspired by other bakers, learning the up and coming in the bread and pastry world, and getting amazing advice and ideas from bakeries around the world. That’s why for the first week in March Holly and I (Julie) will be attending the Artisan bread and pizza conference in Las Vegas. We are so looking forward to telling you all about what we learnt and bring some of these great ideas to the bakery.