Larry Peters had an idea. That idea grew into a dream. Why not start a micro bakery down a dusty dirt road in the countryside outside of Steinbach? And with that seed planted he went to work.

His wife, Marigold, watched as books began to stack, Post-it notes dotted the walls with formulas, and a flour coated husband worked tirelessly studying the ancient art of fermented bread, sourdough. Exhausted, but happy days that grew into long nights passed until he felt ready. Ready for the holy land of sourdough culture, San Francisco. There he studied and fine-tuned his skills at the San Francisco Baking Institute.

Coming back with more passion and drive then he left with. He now had a clear cut vision; educating people to slow their food down and enjoy the simplicities of the small things and thus creating a community of people who appreciate the art of simple food.
It didn’t take long before people around the community began to talk about this amazing little bakery. Hard to find; yes, but nestled in the prairie grasses there stood the old church, and once you knew where it was, it was worth the trip. It was easy for Larry to pick a name. He wanted to keep it simple, like the bread and his beliefs in the bakery, why not simply; Old Church Bakery.

The name spread and with it the passion and dedication of his work did too. It began to drag in people who needed to be there, who wanted to learn and grow. So his team grew. He passed his knowledge on and reminded them that this simple equation is not just for bread but for life. Flour, water, salt. Take your time, don’t overthink, trust in yourself, and above all- patience.